Stratford trucker charged with stealing 111 guns…. from MA

Posted by Jonathan at 11 December 2012

Category: Opinion

Many would wonder why the “from MA” is an argument.  Well, it was only a few years back where MA politicians were blaming surrounding states for Boston’s crime rate.  If guns weren’t so easy to get in other states, MA wouldn’t have this “problem”.  This is before the new digital sign that was put up near the park:





That being said, what is MA going to do about the horrific spread of guns coming from MA to CT (OK, that was a bit of sarcasm).

Apparently, the trucker was planning on selling them in another city with a ton of gun control laws – Bridgeport.  Another city, ton of laws and ordinances, low crime rate, right???

Here is the Stratford Patch article with all the information and lovely details:

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