Stalling tactics – What to do?

I have heard from several citizens asking what do we do when our town is blatantly not following the rules and laws set forth here in Connecticut.  You have a few options depending on how the town handles it.

You can simply go to the PD, drop off the paperwork at the front desk and go from there.  I’d make a follow up within a day or two to verify that the person responsible for permits actually received it.  This would also be a good time to actually “start the clock” so to speak.  Realistically speaking, it starts from the time you drop off the paperwork (the choice is yours).  From this date, this starts the clock for your 7 days to your interview and fingerprinting session.

The other method gives you a “drop dead” receipt, but costs a few dollars.  Simply gather all the checks, your state application and drop them in the mail.  But, send them CERTIFIED RECEIPT REQUESTED.  You want to receive a copy of the receipt from the post office.  The date it was signed is then the start to your 7 days for your interview.  This is where you get your fingerprints taken.

The second tactic is also valid for those that know a town is asking for extra paperwork and you refuse to comply with that request (I would).  I learned a lot since I did my permit (I gave the three letters because at the time there was no site like this to coach me along!).

If you have any further questions, we’re always here.


Founder, CT Pistol Permit Issues – dot com