Second protest planned in cops’s accidental shooting

Posted by Jonathan at 3 February 2014

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And, we go back.

There are serious issues with the way the Bridgeport PD sweeps firearms “negligence” under the rug when it’s their own.  If you look at my other post on the topic, you’ll note that Officer Santiago was getting off light, then after we announced our protest with media present, they decided to hand the case off to the State Police.

That part of the case is at a standstill.  The Bridgeport police chief swears that there was no special treatment or “sweeping it under the rug”, but we disagree.  Six weeks later, a private citizen had a similar discharge, but in a “not as dangerous” situation (in a home).  Now, as a firearms instructor, I’m not discounting one over the other, they were both pitiful in regards to safety.  I will, however, fight for equal application of the law.  And it simply wasn’t done in this case.  Here is a brief outline of the differences:


Officer Santiago Private Citizen
Date December 17th, 2013 January 27th, 2014
Incident location Public place, bagel shop with others standing near. Private residence
Damage Bullet hits the leg of officer Santiago, leaves a bowling ball sized hole in a window and don’t’ know where the bullet went. Bullet went through the wall, had contact with the next building over.
Excuse given I didn’t know it was loaded I didn’t know it was loaded
Errors in judgment Shouldn’t handle a gun and/or pull the trigger in a public place. 
Didn’t remove the magazine before racking the slide back and loading a round in the chamber. 
NEVER clear a gun by pulling the trigger (unless you are using the safety of a range).
Improper techniques when cleaning a firearm.  Quite possibly the EXACT same mistake Officer Santiago made
Charges None.  Still.
Bridgeport PD could have done the same, but chose to sweep it under the rug.  Only after we had our first protest on December 23rd was it handed over to the state police for investigation
Unlawful discharge of a firearm,
Second-degree reckless endangerment
Criminal mischief in the third degree.
He was released after posting $1,500 bond.

Here is a link to an interview I gave to the CT Post on the return to the Bridgeport PD to once again demand equal application of the law.

There is a facebook event dedicated to Monday, February 3rds event:

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