Site Purpose

Our purpose is simple….. break down impractical barriers for law abiding Connecticut citizens to have access and practice their state and federal constitutional rights.

CT has a problem with many towns creating barriers for law abiding citizens and their rights to keep and bear arms.  Issuing authorities have been taking far too many liberties by creating additional barriers to citizens firearms rights. 

We have a permitting process where we take a firearms safety course, fill out a permit at our local town and hopefully get our local permit.  This permit is good for sixty days.  We take this permit, get our state permit which is then good for five years.  But……..

Many towns actively ask you to flat out incriminate yourself.  They ask for more information than is requried by the state, then want you elaborate on any possible negative points learned from this process.  Some of the information and issues they ask/require are:

  • 3 letters of reference
  • credit checks
  • mental health background checks
  • physical health background checks
  • employer interviews
  • neighbor interviews
  • notary issues (requiring embossed seals, notary home phone numbers)
  • and more!

Now, some of those seem logical, like mental health checks.  But, the problem there is not all mental health treatment is “bad”.  Some people may see a therapist during a grieving process, work requirement, statory requirement (like child custody issues), etc.  None of these makes a person unstable, but sends out the “Mental Patient” alert!

Please keep in mind, this site is a public resource, and we can ALWAYS use help from CT Citizens having issues or helping with our studies.  Contact Jonathan on the link below if you would like to help.

Our sites founder, E. Jonathan Hardy, had plenty of issues with his local town which eventually granted him his permit.  That only inspired him to help others with issues and create this site.

Jonathan is a firearms instructor and can be reached via his website at or