Permit info for 8 towns added

Posted by Jonathan at 27 February 2012

Category: Suitability

Here we are, eight more towns added to our growing database of town paperwork.  Some interesting “requirements” not statutorily required with a few towns.  A couple “A” ranked towns in there as well.  If you want to download and view the paperwork, click on the link for “town by town” information.

Here is a breakdown of what we have this month:

East Hampton, B, Town states police chief determines what reasonable time training certification.  NRA certification does not expire.

Farmington, F, States resident or business owner must have been in Farmington for 90 days (I must verify the legality of this, but the F still stands for the waiver mentioned below), WAIVER – waiver for criminal background.  The PD has access to any criminal background information they need.

Groton, A, No issues on paper.  February, 2012, report that the process in person went rather well with no issues.

Hamden, B-, Both minor, local town paperwork (really small) and passport photo.

Monroe, C, 3 reference letters, passport photo

Naugatuck, A, Paperwork has no issues.  I question the demanding of your permanent permit check up front.

Stamford, C, They REQUIRE a separate form to be filled out with quite a bit of detail from the NRA or course instructor (not required by statute) and Stamford will take a digital photograph.

Vernon, C, Notary must have raised seal (not required in CT per Secretary of the State), extra  $10.00 fingerprint fee.


  1. Fairfield County Resident says

    Wilton asks you for contact info for at least 3 neighbors and then the police contact them and tell them what you are applying for.

  2. Fairfield County Resident says

    Wilton wants to see your passport too and makes a copy of the photo page.