New Haven shopkeeper firest two shots and scares off robber – 9.25.12

Posted by Jonathan at 27 September 2012

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Seventy-year-old Edilberto Fontanez just got sick of getting robbed.  Twice was enough, there wasn’t going to be a third.  On September 26th, 2012 he decided he was fed up with letting the criminal decide the outcome of the high crime in New Haven.

Mr. Fontanez said:
“These people got the right to carry a gun, they’ve got the right to rob people, they’ve got the right to kill people,” Fontanez said. “What about us? What we got? We’ve gotta have some rights too.”

Indeed Mr. Fontanez, indeed.  I’d have hopes that the criminal would do actually do some time, but, CT doesn’t want to keep them behind bars with the myriad of early release programs.  Just ask the family of Ibrahim Ghazal in Meriden.  Earlier this year he was shot and killed by an inmate that was released in an early release program.  A violent criminal released early only to kill a gas station attendant that complied with his demands.

New Haven store owner scares off armed robber

Hopefully during the 2013 legislative session, we can repeal some of the insanity.  It’s time we put criminals behind bars rather than punish law abiding citizens.

Update 9.27,12 09:15:  Gotta love NBC 30’s “Open Fire” comments….


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