New Britain resident acquitted of self defense shooting in July, 2011

Posted by Jonathan at 29 April 2012

Category: CT, firearms used in self defense

David Lopez was found not guilty in the self defense shooting in New Britain on July 9, 2011.

He was defending himself and his son from attack by four individuals who tried to jump him as he went to help his son.  A small group was harassing the son about a dog.  David fired a warning shot that was not successful.  He fired the shots as he was about to be attacked, he then was forced to defend himself.

The background on this case seemed rather clear.  Why the state of CT decided to spend taxpayer dollars on this case is unclear.  His charges were:

  • Murder
  • First-degree manslaughter
  • Second-degree manslaughter
  • Negligent homicide

If it’s not too expensive, I’ll work on getting court documents related to this case.

The Hartford Courant article with more info can be found below:

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