Naugatuck officer negligently discharges shotgun and puts a hole in the roof of a cruiser and damages the sally port

Posted by Jonathan at 27 March 2014

Category: Negligent Discharges

On Saturday, March 8th 2014, a Naugatuck officer had a negligent discharge when he grabbed a shotgun in his cruiser and discharged a round through the roof and also damaged the sally port at the PD.  The incident occurred just after 11:00 AM at the Naugatuck police department.

Reporters from the “Citizens news” made Freedom of Information Act Requests and contacted the department spokesman.  According to Lt. Bryan Cammarata, the department’s spokesman:

The shotgun that was discharged was located on a gun rack inside a newer police vehicle, he said.

Cammarata said the shotguns are normally left in a state called “cruiser ready.” Rounds are in the tube, but none are “chambered.” They must be jacked into the chamber upon removing the gun for use.

If the round is not used, the round is to be removed from the chamber and placed back into the tube before placing the gun back into the vehicle in the cruiser ready state, he said. The department has opened an internal affairs investigation into the incident to determine how the shotgun went off, he said.

So, bottom line:  Improper storage and handling of a firearm.

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