Many departments still claiming they are waiting for state background checks. Myth?

Posted by Jonathan at 1 September 2013

Category: Issues - State of CT

Many towns are still using the excuse that they are still waiting for background checks from the state.

We’re not buying this excuse (especially since the state has said in July that they are caught up!).

Lt. Paul Vance said state police have caught up on processing fingerprint cards needed for pistol permit applicants. Criminal histories for about 2,900 applicants are still under review, with the oldest one dating back to May 13, he said last week.

“They’re pumping them out and they’re getting them out under the eight- or nine-week deadline,” Vance said. “Basically, they’re caught up.”

You can read the rest of the article here:

We feel that the issue stems from a memo that the state sent out to departments throughout the state earlier in the year.  Since then, many towns have been using that as an excuse to further delay processing permit applications.

Many applicants may want to cite the above referenced article where the state has said they are no longer behind.

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