Man uses firearm to protect female companion and himself from six attackers in Stamford – 10.26.2012

Posted by Jonathan at 11 December 2012

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The only thing wrong with the article is the word “victim” to describe the criminals shot during the attack.

A man and his female companion are walking on Broad St. in Stamford.  He is then approached by six individuals who start to harass and assault him.  He exercised GREAT restraint and didn’t pull out his firearm until he thought he was going to lose consciousness.  Then, he pulled out his defensive weapon and instinct took over.  Here is the “hit count” from the WTNH article:

Upon arrival at 156 Broad St., officers discovered a man suffering from multiple blunt force trauma injuries to his head. Officers were quickly alerted to another victim in the same lot who was suffering from a gunshot wound to the left leg.

A short time later another man staggered up Greyrock Pl. suffering from a gunshot wound to his buttocks and stomach.

I have to admit my bias here, I can only laugh at that last guy.  Everytime he sits down for a few months, he’ll think of the fact that he and five of his coward buddies picked on a citizen that is indeed willing to defend himself.

There will be no charges filed against the armed citizen as he did nothing wrong and was clearly defending himself.

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