Major update – 17 towns

Posted by Jonathan at 11 October 2011

Category: Study Data Requests

I had a few submissions from instructors this week (thanx!).  One instructor surfed the web and found a bunch of town paperwork.  Interesting discovery.  Almost all of these towns that put their information on their town website, are “A” ranked towns.  Seems if you follow the law, you just may have nothing to hide.  Times like this I see why Hartford chooses to make it difficult just to get the application (which is illegal).

Towns in this update that did rather well:

Brookfield, Beacon Falls, Berlin, Derby, Essex, Glastonbury, Litchfield, Norfolk, Old Saybrook, Plainfield, Preston, Ridgefield, Shelton, Somers, Stonington and Woodstock.

Only one town, Southbury went below “B” rating.  They picked up a “C” for having a few issues on their application.  3 letters, passport photo, odd “how long a town resident” question, weird notes about DMV disqualifiers.

This also picked up a rather sad trend.  many of the towns listed above have Resident State Troopers to collect and process applications.  Seems many of these resident troopers are also asking for paperwork not required by law (like 3 letters, utility bills, etc.).  Then again, the law also does not say they can’t ask for them, so……. we need new legislation.  We need to become a shall issue state.

Thanks to everyone that submitted paperwork this round!



  1. Bill Verrastro says

    I was told by a police officer from Beacon Falls, that the town will only process permits if your
    NRA, etc. permit class was taken within one year of your application. I never heard of a time
    limit on class completion.

  2. Bill Embacher says

    Being an NRA instructor, I have been asked how long the certificates were good for. I called the CT DPS. and was told “within a reasonable amount of time” When I asked what a reasonable amount of time was, they could not give me a definite answer, they felt that 5 years was a reasonable amount of time. I do’nt think there is a set expiration time, so each town may say what they want. I have been told by other people 1- 2 years, it is good indefinitely. So I dont know if there is an answer.