Posted by admin at 23 February 2011

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Welcome to CT Pistol Permit Issues. 

It is the goal of this site to list information for individuals encountering issues while obtaining their CT Pistol Permit.  We plan to discuss local issuing authority issues, Department of Public Safety (DPS) issue, Board of Firearms Permit Examiners (BFPE) revocation and denial hearings as well as various projects to help Connecticut citizens ensure that they have the right to exercise their state and federal constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

Our first BIG project will be our 169 town study of issuing authority (local PD, first selectman, etc) issues with permit applications.  This is our suitability study where we hope to use data gathered from this long term study to end CT’s suitability statutes. 

The data obtained from this study will also help prospective permit holders get informed as to their local issuing authority and any possible issues with their permit application.

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  1. Aaron Dean says

    I submitted my app & satisfied all extra requirements on May 10th, 2011. I called Waterbury PD on June 23rd, and was told that they were still waiting on my background checks. I then called DPS, and was told that my checks were completed and sent on June 7th, and that my local Authority should have seen them on or around the 10th!