Hartford Police Sergeant Negligently Fires Gun Into Neighbor’s House While Off-Duty

Posted by Jonathan at 31 October 2013

Category: Negligent Discharges

These negligent discharges are happening far too often as of late.

Here’s the basics here from the Hartford Courant:

According to an incident report from Windsor, a resident of Village Lane called police on Sept. 25 after his daughter found a bullet in her bed. The daughter told police that three days earlier she had discovered a hole in her bedroom wall just underneath the window.


Police examined the bullet hole and determined the shot came from a southerly direction. An officer then went to Smith’s residence, which is just south of the caller’s house.


Smith told Windsor police that on the evening of Sept. 24, he was in his bedroom unloading his off-duty handgun when he accidentally fired one shot, the incident report states. Smith said he checked the hole in his bedroom wall with a screwdriver and thought the bullet had stayed inside the wall. He also said he checked outside for evidence that the bullet had exited the wall and found none, according to the report.

The most frustrating part of all these issues is the new laws that punish law abiding citizens, created a whole separate class of citizen for law enforcement.  They can still purchase a majority of banned firearms and keep them after they sever their service from their agency.  It simply isn’t right.

Here is a link to the original article from The Hartford Courant:
Hartford Police Sergeant Under Review For Accidentally Firing Gun Into Neighbor’s House While Off-Duty

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