Hartford PD does good with citizen turning in a relic during city buyback

Posted by Jonathan at 11 December 2012

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Often, people think I am “anti-cop”.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  My family has quite the history as officers and judges.  However, this site was put together to illustrate where I think law enforcement needs to follow the same laws as we do.  Often, comes across as being “anti-cop”.  Well, nice to write a good cop story.

Hartford PD had a gun buyback last weekend.  Was rather entertaining because it was also a hot topic with our former Governor John Roland on his talk show on WTIC that Friday.  Roland had quite the discussion with a caller talking about historic firearms and disarming citizens.  Roland stated that historic firearms just don’t get turned in…. then, it happened!

A citizen brought in a WWII trophy worth $30,000 – $40,000.  An officer who spotted the firearm noticed it and took a closer look.  Turns out it was a WWII souvenir that can only be had if a veteran killed that particular soldier and had the relic sent back as a trophy.

I give HPD credit for not slicing this piece of history.  It will be set aside and prepared for legal transfer so the citizen can at least get the money she deserves.

Moral to the story:  Sorry Mr. Governor, often historic relics are indeed turned in at these buyback programs ALL the time.  I haven’t seen many M1 Garand rifles in my life living in the capitol city, but I have seen ’em turned in at citizen disarmament programs.

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  1. Lorenzo says

    Once in a while they do the right thing. Kudos.