Five new towns added to the study (Bloomfield, Newington, Simsbury, Southington and Trumbull)

Posted by Jonathan at 5 August 2011

Category: Suitability

Yes folks, as if fixing the server issues weren’t enough the past few weeks, we still have even more updates.

Some towns actually did OK this time, but we have one very bad issue – another “hold harmless” waiver.

The towns that did OK were Bloomfield, Newington, Southington and Trumbull.  I have a pretty bad complaint coming in this week about the process in Newington.  It seems they are claiming backlogs (like Hartford) and taking up to sixteen weeks.  This is unacceptable. Southington is making the silly demand for 3 letters, but they say the letters MUST accompany the application.

If anyone is near the Trumbull area, I’d like another copy of their paperwork to make sure it’s current.  If it is, the fee structure is wrong, but they don’t have any severe issues.

There always has to be one bad apple….. this time it’s Simsbury.  They want you to fill out a form/questionnaire with some sensitive questions and they want you to sign a hold harmless release form.  The release form I have stated is a bad procedure as it clearly gives them carte blanche immunity to poke around, ask employers, etc.  Not good.  The questionnaire is just a frustrating process.  It’s not required and the motive here is they want you to prove that you are a worthy candidate.  That’s not your job.  If the issuing authority deems you unsuitable, it is their job to prove it.

I’m supposed to be at the Blue Trail Pig Roast this Sunday if anyone wants to drop off any town paperwork.

As always, thank you for your support during this project.



  1. littlemike says

    I visited the Town of Killingworth about a week ago to request their forms; they said they were “out of” them, could I come back in a couple of weeks. I will be revisiting them to find out how long they will use this ploy to infringe citizens’ 2A rights.

    • Jonathan says

      Thanx. Good information to have when I speak to the BFPE soon.


  2. RP says

    Southington took 13 weeks for mine. (2011)

    My wife applied in Southington 5 MONTHS ago and we still do not have it…. Very unhappy.

  3. Tony says

    A friend applied to Southington for a pistol permit 6 months ago and couldn’t get feedback till recently. They put the onis on him saying there was no record of it until he told them they cashed all his check’s…then they found things…? My wife went to the Southington police dpt the other day to get pistol applications and got the “out of applications” comment and try again in a week or so. I guess it’s possible they are out. Can anyone tell me if I can just print the one on line from the state or is Southington’s a specific application before the state appl?

    • Jonathan says

      You can contact the state at the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit and have them mail one to you. Fill that out and go from there.