Firearms testimony this Monday, January 28, 2013 at the Hartford Legislative Office Building

Posted by Jonathan at 26 January 2013

Category: CT Legislation

When we said this was going to be an interesting year at our state legislature, I had no idea!

I knew it was going to be a tough year before December.  Aurora CO, New Haven open carry (OC) incident amongst others were still fresh in peoples minds.  Then, the most unimaginable happened, Sandy Hook.  If we thought we had an uphill battle before, I’m starting to feel a lot like Sisyphus all over again.

Here is the information we have so far:

  1. There is another new first – METAL DETECTORS!  Yep, CBS has reported that the Capitol Police will indeed be installing metal detectors for Monday.  Keep this in mind when you arrive.  Guns were already banned in the LOB, but now anything that looks like a weapon can be suspect.
  2. Testimony will be by lottery.  Sign up will begin at 9:00 AM with the lottery taking place at 12:15.
  3. Testimony can be submitted electronically by sending a copy to  Please indicate in the subject of your email to which working group(s) you would like your testimony directed (gun violence prevention, school security, and/or mental health services).
  4. It is advised that you bring 30 copies (plus any extras you may want) just in case when you arrive.  This way, you can make sure and give copies to aids if they haven’t printed them out yet and make sure they get in the legislators hands.

Here is a “Testimony tip sheet” I put together for CCDL.

We have a lot of work to do,  Clearer heads will prevail.  I hope to see you all in great numbers at the LOB on Monday when we testify.  Lets make sure our voices are heard, legislators educated on the truth about guns and real solutions reached that don’t infringe on our state and federal constitutional rights.




  1. Andrew Heavisides says

    Can I show up after 12pm tomorrow? I would like to show my support by being present.


    • Jonathan says

      Absolutely! You can stick around ’til the end. If they have time, they can add you to the end of the roster (I think they can post lottery as well at 12:15). We will have CCDL stickers to wear to show we are indeed the “pro firearms/liberty” side.

  2. David G says

    I have spoken to James Tracy, head of the legislative capitol police (they are controlled by the legislature) and informed him that CGS Sec. 1-225 (e) expressly prohibits the police from making anything required prior to attending a meeting in respect to any meeting covered by CGS Chapter 14. I myself refused to undergo actions that violated 10225(e) and was denied entry into the building and this prompted a complaint to the agency that handles such complaints, the Freedom of Information Commission, aka FIC, (its free too!). This is the proper way of handling such issues IMO .. do not submit to their illegal activities. I wanted to go into the meeting’s hearings and testify too but not at my expense of the rights that the legislature granted me in 1-225. Its possible that the FIC will null the meetings that I have been unable to attend regarding various legislative committee meetings. The 7 FEB 13 meeting of the Public Safety and Security Committee was held in violation of the notice requirements and in this meeting they voted to move forward with some proposed bills, making them committee bills to be heard on the 14th of March. The FIC could make the 7 FEB 13 meeting votes null and void and make anything from that vote null and void as there is a history of the FIC ruling in such a manner. The FIC issues are still pending before the FIC and they work very slowly but I should have a decision before the next session regarding all the complaints I have filed. Everyone should read 1-225 and understand that if you are told to do something to gain access to the meeting then you have the right to refuse (they won’t let you pass) and then file a complaint with the FIC. Now, where are your efforts best spent? Being one in thousands testifying or being one of the few who brings a complaint that could void the entire proceeding that you were not allowed to attend?