Elegy for Innocence by Sandy Berardi

Posted by Jonathan at 11 February 2013

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This was just too good a read and listen not to include here.

I listen to a LOT of podcasts, there are plenty that are better than what I have available to me on local radio.  Between my Samsung Galaxy 3 and my Galaxy Tab tablet, I’m loaded for good talk oriented radio.  A lot of it is serious, so the “Gun for Hire” podcast was really refreshing – hell, they even sound like me!  When things need to be serious, they are.  But, this is indeed NSFW (Not Suitable For Work).  Suitable for adults, indeed (language).  They are also the famed “Gun For Hire” training facilities in NJ…… yeah, that New Jersey…….

I’ve been listening to them really since they started and have always enjoyed their podcast (especially when I need a good laugh). Sometimes you are so caught up in the fight for our rights that you need a good laugh.  Then, Episode 82 came out, post Sandy Hook.  Sandy (the producer of the show) led off with this monologue and I had to rewind the podcast several times to listen to it because it is amongst the best damn gun writing I have heard/read in quite some time.

I meant to post this earlier, but I’ve been so busy with the legislative side of things as of late, I simply forgot.

The editorial is available as a PDF here.

As an audio file here.

I’d listen to the whole episode, as I recall it was nearly two hours long.



  1. Tahra Erickson says

    That was excellent. His insight is right on target. Finding the “constant” in all of these acts of violence is all we have been trying to point out to the American people. You cant ignore it. It might be pushed aside a few more times by the government, but more and more people are waking up to the reality, that you have to hold the person accountable, not the tool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ryan Jairam says

    I listen every week. I’m also a GFH alumni since I’ve taken my NRA basic course with them. Yes we are THAT NJ, where carry permits are reserved for retired police (who have to qualify twice a year), judges, politicians, friends and family while blood flows in the streets of Camden and Newark.

    The yellow journalism in the media is disgusting. We need to get our voices heard and Sandy and Ant are doing a wonderful job.