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Posted by Jonathan at 6 October 2015

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This article is sadly mistaken in the pacification of the incident.  It is NOT common with proper training.  If this was a normal citizen with a permit or an armed guard, they’d have no permit until an appeal.

Another reason officers should have to have pistol permits to do their job.  This is happening a lot more with trained law enforcement over citizens with a permit.

According to the neighbor’s account, confirmed by Emerman, Detective Shirley Conyers was in her home on Sept. 24 cleaning her firearm when it accidentally discharged, sending a bullet through the window of the neighbor’s home.

No one was injured during the incident. The neighbor, who asked to not be identified, said he will not press charges.

Sadly, you get idiotic statements like:

“Very often weapons are presented, usually every day at roll call, so it comes into the holster and out of the holster at least once a day and it adds to the fact that there is an accidental discharge,” said DeCarlo.

Original article here:

Posted by Jonathan at 10 August 2011

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I have noticed a lot of activity with comments and such on the site about town issues.  I like this.  However, commenting on pages isn’t the most efficient way to either notify or discuss issues.

I have installed a bulletin board on the site where you can post permit issues, application issues, delays, etc.

The BBS is open to all to read, must register to post (but, it’s really easy! and only takes seconds).

The bulletin board is located at:



Posted by Jonathan at 3 July 2011

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There have been plenty of issues in North, West and New Haven with arrests or permitting issues.  In the case of Rodriguez v. West Haven was a civil case for damages resulting in situation where another citizen and Rodriguez had issues over a parking spot in West Haven.

A brief summary of the case can be found in the New Haven Register article here:

I have attached the filing paperwork here. I don’t like the “logging in with facebook” option because of privacy issues.