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Posted by Jonathan at 27 August 2013

Category: Site Announcements

Seems we got noticed by the evil spam bots.  After a few years of running this site – they finally got us!

All should be up and back to normal now.


Posted by Jonathan at 23 December 2011

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We now have a detailed listing of Office of Legislative Research reports here on our site.

Important to note:  Some reports you see listed may not be directly attributed to firearms laws and crime.  They are here for those organizing various rallies, compiling data for legislative testimony and such.  They cover things like crime stats, constitutional conventions, flags at the state capitol, etc.

In order to find it,  just click on the page in our site navigation.

Please note:  We have gone back 4 years so far, more will be added.  There is good data in the past reports that can not only help citizens understand their rights and the law, but help in all our legislative efforts as well.

Posted by Jonathan at 14 December 2011

Category: Site Announcements, Study Data Requests

At the recent CCDL meeting, we discussed the idea of tracking actual cases where firearms was used in self defense in CT.  This data can be very useful when writing testimony to be submitted or presented at the CT Legislative Office Building.

To that end, feel free to submit information whenever you come across firearms being used in self defense.  You can either post it in the CCDL group on facebook or submit it via email to me (Jonathan) at jonathan @  Just remove the spaces.

Posted by Jonathan at 25 July 2011

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Fixed the hosting issues and the “Town by Town” page is back up and running.

Any updates I’ve received over the past few weeks will be added soon.  Thanx for your patience while I fixed domain registration information.


Posted by Jonathan at 4 July 2011

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My apologies.

Seems my web registrar has sought made a mistake transferring a domain I gave to a cub scout troop last year.  They transferred my parent domain and now everything under that account (including this site’s FTP account) isn’t functioning.

I’m hoping it will be back up this week or I’ll find an alternate.


Posted by Jonathan at 9 April 2011

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I decided against the wiki and went with a simple page with a table.

The “Town by town” page is where we will store the data.  If anything really interesting pops up, I’ll also post about it on the front page of this site.

First, I’ll be adding the data that I have, then I’ll be uploading the pdf files of what I have.

Thanx to all of you for your support of this project.


Posted by admin at 23 February 2011

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Welcome to CT Pistol Permit Issues. 

It is the goal of this site to list information for individuals encountering issues while obtaining their CT Pistol Permit.  We plan to discuss local issuing authority issues, Department of Public Safety (DPS) issue, Board of Firearms Permit Examiners (BFPE) revocation and denial hearings as well as various projects to help Connecticut citizens ensure that they have the right to exercise their state and federal constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

Our first BIG project will be our 169 town study of issuing authority (local PD, first selectman, etc) issues with permit applications.  This is our suitability study where we hope to use data gathered from this long term study to end CT’s suitability statutes. 

The data obtained from this study will also help prospective permit holders get informed as to their local issuing authority and any possible issues with their permit application.