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Posted by Jonathan at 23 January 2012

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Date isn’t clearly specified in this one.  The article is dated January 20th, so I’m going to assume it’s the previous day.

A robber has a bad day when he walks into a small baker in town and demands money.  Woman heads toward the register…. than her husband comes out saying he has one too.  The would be robber high tailed it outta there.

No real mention whether the baker had a firearm or not.  It is good to note that just the thought of the citizen being armed was enough for this would be robber to flee the scene.

Source:  New Haven Independent

Posted by Jonathan at 27 December 2011

Category: CT, firearms used in self defense

Adding this one for the archive.

Brandon Kruse, a new transplant to the New Haven area got a rude awakening on a simple trip to get some sushi.  Three muggers approached him at State and Wall St.  He simply stepped aside and one thanked him with a punch to the head.  How’s that for a welcome to New Haven!

Here’s the irony…… the “victims” came back.  Idiots.  yep, they dropped some flip flops and shopping bags while they were scattering after seeing Brandon’s nice Sig Sauer P239 (I think it has that effect).  Usually, I say reporting this sort of thing is useless – especially here in CT.  However, they were trying to gather their belongings and the cops were right there.

Here is the link to the article on the New Haven Independent:

Posted by Jonathan at 14 December 2011

Category: CT, firearms used in self defense

This is an interesting case, as the store owner has only had a permit for less than a year.  With skyrocketing crime in New Haven, seems many career criminals may just leave this shopkeeper alone next time knowing he has cameras and will defend himself.

22 year old Karar Jawad used a firearm in defense during a robbery in his Ferry St. convenience store.  Robbery is one thing, but then the issue turned to his customer and Karar felt the need to defend himself and his customer.  Karar ended up shooting the robber in the chest.  The robber survived and will make a recovery.  Mr. Karar was remorseful of the act and stated he was glad he was going to recover.

Unfortunately, New Haven PD confiscated his firearm.  Luckily, Mr. Jawad still has his permit and he was able to get another one in the meantime.

WTNH report of the incident here:

Incident Date:  November 28, 2011