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Posted by Jonathan at 9 December 2015

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Store Owner Pulls Gun On Armed Robber

Bridgeport, CT – Bridgeport police are asking the public for help in identifying the person that robbed a liquor store Madison Avenue last Wednesday.

At 8:23 p.m. on December 2nd, the robbery suspect entered the Madison Wine & Spirits shop at 917 Madison Avenue. Surveillance video provided by Bridgeport police shows the suspect taking a gun out of a sweatshirt, pointing it at a clerk, and demanding money.


Posted by Jonathan at 27 September 2015

Category: CT, firearms used in self defense

Interesting case revolves around road rage.  One persona attacks another and then the person being attacked has a wife that levels a revolver at him where he then backed off.

HE then calls the police.  One reason we say, even if you don’t fire a shot, yet have to reveal your firearm, call the police and file a report.  Luckily, logic prevailed and the attacker still ended up getting charged.

More details below:

Posted by Jonathan at 14 March 2015

Category: CT, firearms used in self defense

A man accused of robbing a group of people at gunpoint in Milford and shooting one of the victims in the neck is hospitalized after one of the victims shot back, according to police.

The incident happened around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday in the parking garage at 1 New Haven Avenue.

More can be read on the WVIT website at the link below:

Posted by Jonathan at 14 January 2015

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According to Kneeland, police were flagged down and told that two men — one armed with a rifle — tried to rob two people in a hallway.

A female victim took a handgun from her purse and fired at one of the men, shooting him in his arm, Kneeland said.

And she had a permit.  Sounds good to me.

Original article:  Woman Thwarts Holdup By Shooting Would-Be Robber

Posted by Jonathan at 23 July 2014

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They say that attack awakened the upstairs roommate, who came downstairs armed with a handgun and confronted the teen.
Wish I was able to legally obtain a firearms at fifteen <sarcasm off>.

Posted by Jonathan at 11 December 2012

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A woman staying at her aunts house in Bridgeport hears a noise around 2:00 in the morning.  She investigates to see the source of the sound.  In her words:

“I grabbed my gun and went to see what the noise was and I saw this man standing in the kitchen,” she related. She said she yelled at the man and he began coming towards her. “So I fired a shot at him,” she said.

At her request, her name is being withheld (and I don’t blame her!).  She does have a valid CT pistol permit.

The bullet hole or the criminal have yet to be found.

Source:  CT Post

Posted by Jonathan at 11 December 2012

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The only thing wrong with the article is the word “victim” to describe the criminals shot during the attack.

A man and his female companion are walking on Broad St. in Stamford.  He is then approached by six individuals who start to harass and assault him.  He exercised GREAT restraint and didn’t pull out his firearm until he thought he was going to lose consciousness.  Then, he pulled out his defensive weapon and instinct took over.  Here is the “hit count” from the WTNH article:

Upon arrival at 156 Broad St., officers discovered a man suffering from multiple blunt force trauma injuries to his head. Officers were quickly alerted to another victim in the same lot who was suffering from a gunshot wound to the left leg.

A short time later another man staggered up Greyrock Pl. suffering from a gunshot wound to his buttocks and stomach.

I have to admit my bias here, I can only laugh at that last guy.  Everytime he sits down for a few months, he’ll think of the fact that he and five of his coward buddies picked on a citizen that is indeed willing to defend himself.

There will be no charges filed against the armed citizen as he did nothing wrong and was clearly defending himself.

Original article:


Posted by Jonathan at 27 September 2012

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Seventy-year-old Edilberto Fontanez just got sick of getting robbed.  Twice was enough, there wasn’t going to be a third.  On September 26th, 2012 he decided he was fed up with letting the criminal decide the outcome of the high crime in New Haven.

Mr. Fontanez said:
“These people got the right to carry a gun, they’ve got the right to rob people, they’ve got the right to kill people,” Fontanez said. “What about us? What we got? We’ve gotta have some rights too.”

Indeed Mr. Fontanez, indeed.  I’d have hopes that the criminal would do actually do some time, but, CT doesn’t want to keep them behind bars with the myriad of early release programs.  Just ask the family of Ibrahim Ghazal in Meriden.  Earlier this year he was shot and killed by an inmate that was released in an early release program.  A violent criminal released early only to kill a gas station attendant that complied with his demands.

New Haven store owner scares off armed robber

Hopefully during the 2013 legislative session, we can repeal some of the insanity.  It’s time we put criminals behind bars rather than punish law abiding citizens.

Update 9.27,12 09:15:  Gotta love NBC 30’s “Open Fire” comments….


Posted by Jonathan at 24 July 2012

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Here’s he brief synopsis here:  67 year old man shoots 25 year old naked man.  Naked or not, doesn’t matter.  Desparity of force here shows a man nearly a half century younger broke into a mans house, at night no less.

Naked burglar shot in chest by homeowner:

 I might add, I met the journalist above and have found him to be the most fair (neutral, all I can ask) when it comes to these types of stories.  Many reports I have heard don’t mention the dual encounters or the attempted attack on the homeowner.

Full article here:


Posted by Jonathan at 29 April 2012

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David Lopez was found not guilty in the self defense shooting in New Britain on July 9, 2011.

He was defending himself and his son from attack by four individuals who tried to jump him as he went to help his son.  A small group was harassing the son about a dog.  David fired a warning shot that was not successful.  He fired the shots as he was about to be attacked, he then was forced to defend himself.

The background on this case seemed rather clear.  Why the state of CT decided to spend taxpayer dollars on this case is unclear.  His charges were:

  • Murder
  • First-degree manslaughter
  • Second-degree manslaughter
  • Negligent homicide

If it’s not too expensive, I’ll work on getting court documents related to this case.

The Hartford Courant article with more info can be found below: