3 New Haven Officers on Leave After Shots Fired

Posted by Jonathan at 3 April 2012

Category: Negligent Discharges

Three New Haven officers are on leave after shots fired, in public, while they are off duty.  If this had happened to a private citizen, they’d lose their permit on the spot.  This is why laws need to be changed to force officers to have a pistol permit in order to fulfill their duties.  Loss of permit, loss of job – period.  This could also end the issues with layoffs and union issues as they are not able to fulfill their job duties.

Long story short, three officers are having a night on the town.  Shots are fired, 911 calls are made.  New Haven PD Chief Esserman has said their weapons and badges have been turned in, and the officers are on administrative leave.  There is a pending Internal Affairs investigation.  Shouldn’t this be investigated by the state police?  Why should New Haven be allowed to investigate New Haven?

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