3 more towns added: Fairfield, Granby and Torrington

Posted by Jonathan at 20 September 2011

Category: Study Data Requests, Suitability

Three more towns added, only one has a “decent” rating (Fairfield).  Quick breakdown:

Fairfield, depending on app interpretation, asks for utility bill and/or drivers license.  Also asks for passport photo.

Granby is a hot mess.  Asking for an additional check of $70.00, identification form (they even want to know where you may be pierced or tattooed!) and three letters of reference.

Torrington, is another in a scary trend.  They are asking for an additional fingerprinting fee of $25.00.  They also want three character reference letters and openly state that the process takes 8-12 weeks (the law says eight weeks).

Until I get more…..


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