2A Friendly (and not friendly) Businesses

Below is a list of establishments that are both firearms friendly and those that don’t want your business.  If you know of any with a firm stance either way, feel free to contact us via our contact page and we’ll add them to the list.

2A Friendly

Fisherman’s Paradise – Branford, CT (www.fishermansparadisect.com)

Starbucks – national, Update:  Not 2a Friendly (per se) as much as neutral.  Don’t like guns, but won’t refuse service.

Ray’s Cigar and Tobacco – Berlin, CT

Doogies, Newington, CT (patron was asked to conceal their firearm).

DiFiore Pasta – Hatford, Open carry friendly

Cabelas -East Hartford, Open carry friendly


NOT 2A Friendly

Toys R Us

AMC Movie Theaters

Regal Cinemas in Stratford

Chuck E Cheese’s

Brass Mill Mall – Waterbury

Wachovia Bank

Westfield Malls (most don’t have proper signage, but have a large sign on a wall with a “code of conduct”.