27 year Bridgeport PD veteran shoots self in the leg, in a bagel shop

Posted by Jonathan at 28 December 2013

Category: Negligent Discharges

Can’t really make this stuff up.  Keeping it here “for the record” since many look back to this site for these crazy instances of where law enforcement training seems to be “lacking”.

Essentially, a Bridgeport PD officer decides to “clear” a weapon in a bagel shop after receiving it back from a friend.  The gun WAS un-chambered, but had a magazine.  When he racked the slide, he loaded and…. well…. the rest is kinda obvious.

Protesters angry over Bridgeport officer’s accidental shooting – we kept telling reporters NEGLIGENT, but it wouldn’t take!

—–Protestors want action on cop shooting

—–Officer just shot himself in my store Negligent.

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