11 more towns added, some good……. and some downright AWFUL!

Posted by Jonathan at 14 June 2011

Category: Suitability

I just added 11 more towns to our study.  They are:

Wethersfield, Windsor Locks, Norwalk, New Haven, Woodbridge, Wallingford, Stratford, Orange, Meriden, Manchester and New London

I’m glad to report that some towns really aren’t bad.  They are actually compliant (look for the A’s).  There are a few “B” towns as well that aren’t horrible, but still not compliant with the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners declaratory ruling.

Of note:  Check out the insanity with Norwalk, Woodbridge and New Haven.  They are still asking for additional information and some downright scary stuff.  Including release waivers for medical information, permission to notify/investigate employer data, etc.  Gotta hand it to them, they are slick though – they want you to release the information so you can’t sue if you lose your job.

More of the usual stuff this time with letters of reference, passport photos, utility bills, etc.  That data can all be found by clicking on the “Town by Town” link.

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